The Greenman Returns

The Greenman is an ancient archetype which represents irrepressible life, or renewal and rebirth. He also expresses man’s oneness with the earth, and unity with the plant world. Many books have been written about the Greenman, and numerous buildings through the ages have been adorned with carvings of Greenman with a variety of interpretations.

Now it has been said that the Greenman is returning to our awareness; he is again showing up in art and literature, apparently having felt the need to re- assert his role as guardian of earth and  teacher of the secret laws of Nature.

We are experiencing the world in need of fresh ideas. Resource conservation, sustainability, needs of growing populations for food and water,& energy demands are the daily news. The Greenman seems to return whenever there arises the need for fresh truths and emotions necessary to fulfilling the potentialities of the future.

To remind us to observe & appreciate the mystery of the laws and intelligence in nature Bart carved a large Greenman and we have given him a home along the path to the nursery. Be sure you find him when you come to Bellwether!

The Greenman at Bellwether

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