Not All Plant Sources Are the Same

Greeted by the first hellebore in bloom

Over the years, many customers have told us that the plants they buy from Bellwether grow better in their gardens than plants from other sources. Here is what we think makes that happen. Most nursery trade plants are potted in a bark mulch soil-less medium. Many of them are irrigated with fertilizer- infused water daily. That makes plants look big and green as long as it continues, but when it stops (ie when the plant gets planted in your garden) the plant goes into shock, or displays withdrawal symptoms. It may or may not recover over a period of time.

Bellwether plants are potted in our own potting mix which includes Bellwether Compost. We add other components to provide good drainage, mychorizae, and minor amounts of organic N,P, & K. Our plants are fed once a week with organic foliar plant food.

We also over-winter plants outside from year to year. That means you can plant those plants as soon as the ground is thawed and not worry about them! They are as tough as the plants you have in the ground. Over-wintering takes extra work, but we love getting outside early & seeing all the new growth on “our babies”. We get to see the first Lenten Rose and Primrose flowers, and listen to the bluebirds and cardinals while we clean up the nursery to be ready to open May 1.

Cleaning up pots

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