Heath- an underused early spring flowering perennial


Heaths are cousins of heather (heather is much better known because the name fits better into poetry and song!) Although the tiny leaves are different, the overall appearance of heath is very similar to heather. The reason to grow heath here is that it is more tollerant of our alkaline soil than is heather. There are many varieties of heath which give you choices of foliage color, height, flower color, and bloom time options from April to snowfall! Heaths do well in full sun or part shade. Care of heaths is easy; add a handful of sulphur granules to the soil once a year, and cut the stems back after bloom to keep the plant full instead of stragly (just like lavender). We have a few spring heaths blooming in the nursery right now, and will have lots more with a variety of bloom times available in mid-May. We love our daffodils and forsythia, but it is even more fun to have more flowers in more colors to greet the spring!

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